🎶 Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken lay a little egg for me 🎶

All this week we have been talking about Easter. We have made lots of crafts, including, Easter cards, Easter nests and have even been on an Easter egg hunt! 

In Year 3, the chicks had hatched and we were invited to go and look at them, they are lovely and fluffy!

During the week, the Number Ninjas came into Oak Class to show us how good they are at their number bonds to 10 and recognising numbers to 20.

On Wednesday, it was the last swimming session for Holly Class. What a brilliant time we had! 

When we attend church for the Easter service we all sing a special song about Spring and Easter. This is our special song. 


 Please keep reading and practising the tricky words during the holidays and have a very happy Easter! 


D.I.Y. Reception! And Stay and Play! 

The outside learning area has had a revamp! Now we have Digger Den, a new sand kitchen and a fabulous new stage area for performing!

Our new Lego Lounge is also really popular. 

The Digger Den is so exciting! 

The verandah is now the Sand Kitchen, where we can pretend to make food and serve it in our cafe. 

Water is always popular! 

We love to sing and dance and now our stage is brilliant! 

Stay and Play was a great success. So many grown ups came to do our Easter Crafts and had a lovely time, sticking, colouring and cutting.  

To finish the week off perfectly, Harper’s mummy came to talk to us about her job. She answers the telephone when someone rings 999 and tells the ambulance where to go. 

This week we have been recapping all our tricky words. Many children can read them all now! We are practising spelling them in our phonics sessions too. 

D.I.Y. Reception! 

The outside learning environment has had a makeover and looks fabulous! 

There are specific learning areas now, Lego Lounge is really popular. 

And Digger Den is always busy! 

The Verandah is now the sand kitchen where we can pretend, make and serve food in our cafe. 

In the Science  Area we have water experiments galore! 

And our Dinosaur Digging Area is as popular as ever! 

We have also got a fantastic stage where we can sing, dance or do our thing! 

Home is where the heart is. 🇬🇧

This week we have been talking about where we live in the United Kingdom. We looked at our map and saw that we live in England, right down at the bottom near the left. 

We saw that the United Kingdom has four countries, England, (where we live) Scotland at the top of the country, Wales ( where Teddie visits often) and Northern Ireland which is not joined to England but is still part of the United Kingdom. Our discussion also led to talking about accents and how some people sound different to others. 

In Reception we know how important reading is and when we have read at home and our bookmark is full of stickers, we are awarded with a laminated certificate, a round of applause and a handshake! 

The most exciting morning of the week was when the police officers retuned with their police van. We all had a great time trying on the uniforms, sitting in the van and asking questions. 

Before the officers said goodbye, they let us hear what the different sirens sound like and when and why they use them. Noisy but so exciting! 

We were also very lucky to have Theodore’s mum come to tell us what it’s like to be a midwife. She told us all about her job and we asked some very interesting questions. 

The sounds we have learnt this week are er and air.

People who help us and Comic Relief, where we help others! 

Visitors have been popping in to see us this week, for ‘People who help us’. We had a very interesting talk with the police officers who came to talk about their profession and we asked lots of questions. They showed us the new cameras that they now wear at all times. 

Grandma Bowman also came to talk to us about being a librarian. She told us what happens when we borrow a book from the library. 

We really enjoyed talking to these people and are very grateful to them. 

This week we have been discussing ‘weighing and measuring’. We have now got a fantastic vocabulary of words! 

In Holly Class we had the Holly Class Haberdashery Shop, where we could cut, measure and compare lengths of materials and ribbons. 

In Oak Class we had the Potato Factory, where we weighed and compared weights of potatoes. 

Outside we measured how high we could jump! 

We are always trying to learn our tricky words, (because we can’t sound them out) and we have been digging to find them in our mud area. 

Comic Relief came with red noses and super heroes ! 

The sounds we have been learning this week are  oi and ear  and the tricky words are what and out

Shrove Tuesday and World Book Day! 

A week of eating and reading! 

Reception children talked about Shrove Tuesday and how it is the beginning of Lent. We discussed the tradition of giving up something we like (usually chocolate) until Easter Sunday, when we of course can then eat our chocolate eggs. 

The children watched us preparing the batter and then enjoyed the pancakes. They were delicious! 

On Thursday, World Book Day arrived. All the children dressed up as their favourite  book character and we had a parade in the playground to admire everyone’s costume. 

We then had a lovely day sharing and reading books with  Froglets and  Year 5.  

The digraphs so we have learnt this week are or and ur. 

The tricky words we have learnt are little and one. 

Keep practising at home! 

It’s all going swimmingly! 🏊

Welcome back to an action packed half term! This week has seen Oak Class go swimming, Chinese food tasting and writing nice comments about our friends. 

Through the week we have been writing about our friends and why we like them. We wrote that our friends were funny, helpful and kind. Our friends were very happy to receive these messages. 

Wednesday was a very exciting day! Oak Class went swimming, and what an exciting time they had! Here they are in a line going to board the coach. 

Also on Wednesday we had ‘work showing’, it was lovely to see so many grown ups looking at all our work in our writing folders. 

On Thursday we had a food tasting afternoon. Reception watched the grown ups chop the food  and then stir fry the ingredients to make a delicious healthy dish. We were very pleased that so many children tried the different foods. 

In our outside area we have been acting out  the story of how the Chinese Zodiac began and the order of the animals. 

All this in just one week! 

The letter sounds we have learnt  are  ar igh  ar 

 Our tricky words were  there  and were.