On your marks…get set…GO!

Foundation Stage had their sports afternoon yesterday (24th May). We had a very energetic time!

Froglets were amazing, joining in and having lots of fun.

Holly and Oak classes cheered everyone on, showing great sportsmanship.



The Wedding of the Year! 

We all had a wonderful time at ‘The Wedding of the Year’ and hope  Prince Harry and Meghan have a beautiful day too! 

Music, Lights,  Action! 

This week has been short but so busy!  We had the ukuleles in our outdoor area on the stage and we had a great time playing, singing and conducting! There was music paper there as well if we wanted to have a go at composing a tune! 

We are talking about ‘God and the Creation’ and have made some beautiful jelly fish using different materials. 

Stay and Play was another great success and everyone who came had a lovely time seeing all the learning we do at school. 

Ava-May’s daddy came into school to talk about his job at the hospital. He talked to us about bones and their names and different organs in our bodies. He even let us look at some of the objects he uses in theatre and showed us what he has to wear. 

We have recapped our  tricky words this week and learnt the sound ‘oi’. 

When I grow up I want to be…

Foundation Stage have been really lucky this week as we have had lots of  visitors to talk about their jobs. 

On Monday we set up a fire service in our outdoor area and had great fun putting the fires out! 

Then Ms Bush our Lollipop Lady came to visit us and talked about her job that she’s been doing for fifteen years!  Some of the children dressed in her uniform and pretended to stop the traffic! 

Gardening is another job we have been talking about and some of us planted flowers in our outdoor area.

Yesterday we were very lucky to have a musician called Dan to talk and sing with us! We had a lovely time asking him questions and joining in with his song. 

This morning we had an ecologist come to talk to us about endangered animals in our world. He makes sure the bats, field mice and newts are all safe when people do any building work. 

The sounds we have been learning this week are  ‘or’ and ‘ear’ and ‘er’.

Holly Class ‘Stars of the Week’ are Kyla and Elliott.

Oak Class ‘Stars of the Week’ are  Finley and Olivia. 

Once upon a time…

This week we are talking about stories. We have looked at how we would start a story and the words we would use. We were very lucky because Year Two are also writing stories and they came to read their stories to us. It gave us some marvellous ideas for when we start writing our stories. 

Year Two children also read their stories to Froglets, who loved having them there, to play with as well! 

Spring has also been our topic of conversation. We have planted cress seeds and this week we have planted sunflower 

seeds. We will water them every day and make sure they have sunlight and see how tall they will  grow!

The ‘Stars of the Week’ for Holly Class are Toby and Ava. 

The ‘Stars of the Week’ for Oak Class are Seren and George. 

The letter sounds we have learnt this week are, ‘or’ and ‘air’. 

Welcome back! 

Welcome back to a sunny week!  

The last week of term was a very busy one with the ‘Stay and Play’ sessions and the Easter Bunny paying us a visit on the last day. 

We had enormous fun with our grown ups and did lots of exciting activities. 

The Easter Bunny had a bit of trouble because it rained quite heavily  and the children were surprised that the eggs were hidden in Oak class classroom! We think he came at lunchtime when the children were eating!   

  Back at school we have been looking for signs of Spring. Walking around the school grounds we have seen blossom, buds and flowers growing, definite signs that Spring is here! 

Holly Class ‘Stars of the Week’ are Abigail and Mikayla. 

Oak Class ‘Stars of the Week’ are Lexi and Jake. 

We are recapping all our sounds and tricky words this week.