Clowns and capacity! 

We are still talking about the circus and who performs in the Big Top. This week our ‘Mr Must’ job was to make a clown using lots of materials and cutting brightly coloured paper.  

We have also been practising for our sports day and played with the small world, pretending to make obstacle courses. 

Capacity is quite a big word but we all know what it means now and we have been exploring  with  pasta, sand and different size containers.

Number Ninjas have been looking at different foods and drink and how we know how much is in the different containers. We talked about kilo grams and grams and litres and millilitres. 

We all know what empty, half full, full and over flowing look like. 

Because the weather has been so changeable this week, we have had to stay indoors more than we would like but we spent a lovely, afternoon drawing on long sheets of paper and enjoyed our art. 

The tricky words we have been learning this week are  once and house and we are practising writing our letters the correct way. 


Reception have got talent! 

This term we are talking about our talents, and what a talented lot we are! 

Some of our talents are singing, dancing and playing our musical instruments. We are very enthusiastic! 

We have been making models of ourselves using lollipop sticks. We carefully cut out heads and clothes and then used the glue to assemble our models. 

Another skill we have been learning is weaving, this took a lot of perseverance! 

Yesterday we learnt about mixing  colours and predicted what colour would be made when we mixed two together. 

We have got a lot of talent in Reception and we will keep celebrating this over the next few weeks. 

The tricky words we are learning this week are there and their.  

Is there life on Mars?  

We are finishing our ‘space’ theme this week, but have had some great activities to end it. 

The boys made a fabulous castle from another planet and in there lived an alien! 

We have used different shapes to make our super rockets! 

We even used paint and shapes to make stunning pictures. 

The climax to our ‘out of this world’, week was to make moon biscuits, using icing, marshmallows and crushed meringue, they were delicious! 

We all went in to the orchard to enjoy the sunshine and eat our biscuits. 

We hope you have an enjoyable holiday and  keep reading and practising those tricky words. 

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-blast off! 🌝⭐️🌏🚀🚀

On Monday we read the book, Whatever Next! We talked about what it would be like to go on a journey to space. 

We have an imagination area, where we can pretend to be Baby Bear and go on our own adventure to space. 

In the creative area we have been painting rockets, using different shaped sponges, they look out of this world! 

In our messy area we pretended to be on the moon with aliens and we made moons with paper plates and tissue. Very messy but great fun! 

We are also looking at shapes and have made rockets using different shapes. 

We were very lucky to have the lifeguards come to talk to us about how to stay safe when we are at the beach.

The tricky words we have been learning this week are could and asked. 

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs everywhere! 

We are still enjoying our topic about dinosaurs. 

Some children having been painting dinosaurs, studying pictures and making wonderful art work! 

Some children have been making models using play dough. 

And we have also enjoyed our small world area in Oak Class, where our imaginations could fly! 

Outside, we have had a dinosaur hunt, where we had to find the dinosaurs, draw and name them. This was great fun! 

Also out side, our stilts had turned into giant dinosaur feet! 

We have also been exploring our senses. In Holly Class we have had exploration cups with different materials in. We closed our eyes, smelt the aroma and felt what was inside and then had a guess what it was (the grown ups liked the smell of the coffee) and we recognised many smells. 

In phonics we are learning to spell words with two constants together and our tricky words this week were looked and called. 

Dinosaurs and doubles! 🐾🐲🎲🎲

This week our topic started with dinosaurs. We have been finding out all about them!

Inside we had a Dinosaur Diner, where we could make the dinosaurs food to eat and double the number so each dinosaur had the same amount of food.

In Holly Class we also pretended to be palaeontologists and excavated for dinosaur bones. 

In Oak Class there was a  map and we could make dinosaur footprints, it was messy but great fun! 

 One of our activities was to make a dinosaur from the different materials around the Reception area. 

Reception have been learning about doubles and using different resources,  they  have been exploring  how to double numbers. This ‘Doubling Machine’ is used by putting exactly the same number of people into the two tubes and then counting how many there are altogether when they land in the basket at the bottom. 

We are still recapping all the tricky words, digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt and please carry on at home as it does help enormously. Thank you for reading this week’s blog!