Autumn walk, feelings and food! 

 This week we  walked over to Oakford Lawn to look for signs of Autumn. We found lots of conkers and we heard the sounds of different birds. We looked at how the colour of Autumn changes the leaves from green to orange, brown and yellow. 

We sang our Autumn song, ‘Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow’. 

During the week we have P.E. When we can get outside in the fresh air we have a great time! 

On Thursday we talked about our feelings and how we can feel angry, frustrated and sad but we should talk to our grown ups and they will show us ways to cope. We watched a clip from the film, ‘Inside Out’, which is all about different feelings. 

Friday was baking day. Mrs Kirk brought some baking apples in and we baked an apple crumble.

When it was ready, we all sat and had a taste, what a lovely way to end our Autumn week! 

The sounds we have learnt this week are  n p m d


Signs of Autumn 🍂🍂

This week we have been enjoying Autumn activities. 

We have been looking at the Autumn leaves, cones and nuts. 

In Maths, we have been rolling the dice and making that number of holes with the hole punch on the leaves.

Outside, one of our activities was to roll the conkers down the tube and counting them! 

Messy play is always great fun! 

Starting phonics this week was amazing! We have been tracing the letters in the sand and we’ve even practised writing some of the letters! 

The letter sounds we have learnt this week are  s a t p

Our Five Senses 👅👁👂🖐👃

This week has been really busy and everyone is getting used to our routine and what good learning is all about. 

Earlier in the week when the sun was shining we were out enjoying our activities. 

This week we have been talking about our senses. We went on a ‘listening walk’ around the school. We went into our special garden and listened to the trees rustling and the birds talking. 

On Thursday we were given lots of pots to smell and we had to guess what was in each of them. 

One of our senses is taste so we had a tasting session. We tasted sweet, sour, salty and spicy food! 

What a busy week! 

Roll up, roll up! The circus is coming to town! 

As you know we work really hard in Reception. One of the ways we get rewarded is if we all work together as a team. This means helping each other, being kind to each other and learning together in teams or with our learning partners. Every time we do this, the Special Helper of the day puts a golden leaf on our classroom tree. 

When our tree has got all the golden leaves on it, we have a special class treat. This week we celebrated by having our treat outside in the lovely sunshine. We played on all the apparatus and had an ice pole to cool down afterwards. We had a lovely afternoon. 

However, the  biggest treat this week was seeing the marvellous circus act, Elfic. He was so funny and clever! After he had performed for us, he showed us how to do some of his tricks, it was great fun!  To finish our treat, we had fruit and popcorn sat on the field. 

As the sun continues to shine please remember sun hats and apply the eight hour sun cream before school if possible. 

Our tricky words this week are have and could. 

The sun has got his hat on ( and so have we!)

The sun has come out at last! 🌞

At the beginning of the week we talked about our world and the plants and trees that share our world. Then everyone followed the instructions which told us how to make a cress pot. 

Another busy activity this week was making tickets. This involved writing information on small pieces of paper which has really helped with the size of our writing, as sometimes it can get rather large. 

On Tuesday we had our Sports Afternoon. What a fantastic time we had, everyone joining in and cheering each other on! 

The tricky words we are learning this week are here and other. 


Is your glass half full or half empty? 

Capacity has been the focus of our learning this week. Mastery Meercat asked if we could work out which container held the most cubes, then counting the cubes in each container to see if we were correct. 

Another activity was exploring with  the sand and containers, estimating and counting spoonfuls. 

Clowns are still a topic of conversation and activities. This week we have been painting a clown’s face, using the water colours and fine brushes. We have created many great works of art! 

Clowns need clothes so another activity was to dress the clowns in outfits. We have some budding fashion designers in our classes! 

Because it has been raining such a lot this week and we have not been able to go outside much, we have been practising the art of yoga and we are getting very good at listening to instructions. 

The tricky words this week are  once and house.