Sports Day

This week in Reception we loved celebrating Sports Day. We took part in four different races: the supermarket sweep, the rodeo, the obstacle course and speedy sprints. We have been practising hard over the past few weeks and our hard work paid off as we all did amazingly well! It was lovely to cheer on our friends and wave to our grown ups. Thank you for coming to watch us.


Hello Sunshine

This week in Reception we have started our Summer term topic with some exciting events. We have had visits from the Evil Pea from our story Supertato, who stole our vegetables we had brought in and held them captive. We have enjoyed making wanted posters and writing letters to Supertato asking him to help us find the Evil Pea and bring our veggies back.

Outside we have been so excited to see the sunshine and have been making the most of our lovely outdoor area with a tricky obstacle course, sunny reading spots and lots of sand and water play. We loved showing these things to our grown ups who visited for the reading afternoon on Wednesday!

Goldilocks and the Three Bearsย 

This term we are learning about traditional tales. Goldilocks is the story we are focusing on. We have listened to the story and also started retelling it using makaton signs. 

In the Play Dough Area we have porridge play dough, three bowls and three spoons. We are mixing and sharing our porridge. 

Outside we are making tea. We have a chart of all the different colours of tea and we are adding milk to make it lighter. 

Earlier this week we leaned how to make porridge so that we could write our own recipes. 

In the Creative Area bear masks were being made. 

One morning we arrived to find Goldilocks had made such a mess in our Book Corner that we had to write a letter to tell how we felt! 

Another activity this week was to put the story of Goldilocks in order using pictures. What a busy but bearable time we are having! 

Xin Nian Kuai le! ย Happy New Year! ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿฏโ›ฉ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽŽ๐ŸŽŠ

The last week of term and we are celebrating Chinese New Year! We have a restaurant and takeaway in the Home Corner and many objects to look at in the Investigation Areas. Trying to write our names in Chinese was hard but we didn’t give up! 

Today we had a special treat and we all tried a Chinese stir fry! 

First we cooked the vegetables, then added the noodles and a dash of soy sauce for the perfect dish. 

A A delicious way to enjoy the Chinese New Year! 

Mindfulness Tasting on Feel Good Fridayย 

Today we had ‘Feel Good Friday’ to help with our emotional health at the start of 2023. We could come to school in any clothes that made us feel happy. 

As part of our ‘mindfulness’ day we did mindfulness tasting. Mrs Jopson rattled a bag and we had to guess what was inside. Some children thought it was popcorn, others thought crisps. Then she revealed the bag and it was chocolate! 

We were all given a large chocolate button. First we looked at the colour and the shape,  then smelled the chocolate, mmmm! We noticed the button was smooth and that it had started melting in our hands. Next we put the button on our tongue and tasted the chocolate slowly. 

We enjoyed our chocolate and thought mindfulness tasting  was an ideal way to finish the week!

Leaf rubbing and writing ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ

This week we have been learning to ‘leaf rub’ and write the letter sounds of the colours we used. 

Our WOW Writers of the week are Jensen and Meadow who have both chosen leaves,  carefully rubbed the crayons over the paper so the veins and patterns on the leaf appear. They then wrote the first letter or letters of the colours they used. Well done! 

Autumn is here!

It’s been a busy and fun filled first week back for Holly and Oak class. On Monday we went on an Autumn walk to Oakford Lawn to look for signs of Autumn. We noticed that the leaves were starting to change colour from green to red, brown, yellow and even pink. We looked carefully for acorns but only managed to find one, maybe the squirrels had already eaten them all! At the end of our walk we had time to play in the Autumn leaves, it was so much fun! 

Old Mrs Bramley

Our topic at the moment is centred around the story Peepo by Janet and Alan Ahlberg. The story is set in the past and we have been looking at household objects from the past in our classroom.

We received a very special visit from a very special old lady. We called her Old Mrs Bramley. She told us about life when she was a little girl and showed us some objects from this time. We were astounded to hear that she didn’t even have a toilet in her house, it was outside. She had to bath in the front room and share the water with all her family. We asked her lots of questions and really enjoyed this visit.

Settling into Receptionย 

It’s been a busy week in Reception. We have lots of learning to do and many activities to explore! 

Indoors we have many areas, book corners where we can relax and look at books, it’s ideal if we need a bit of quiet time as well.

In our small world area there are baskets of different animals, transport, train tracks and blocks to build our imagination. 

We can pop into the home corner and pretend to make our dinner or we can go into the Writing Area and draw and colour (soon we will be writing letters) and the Playdough Area is always open for rolling, moulding and manipulating. 

Our outdoor area is full of exciting possibilities to build, pour, dig and perform! 

And this is just the start of an exciting year! 

Reception…where the magic never stops and the adventure never ends!